is trust a feeling or the sum of facts?

is trust a feeling or thesum of facts?

we are independent.

From a completely independent position, we act exclusively as representative of your interests. When buying and selling art, we tap into the whole spectrum of the international art market. We are not bound to any auction house, art dealer or gallery and do not represent any artists. We are solely committed to your interests and goals, be it in the choice of the optimal market and the best form of presentation, if you want to sell works of art from your collection, be it in the critical assessment of quality and value for money of art for sale.

we are personal and collaborative advisors.

We see our advice as a dialogue with you. Our cooperation begins with a conversation about your need for advice as well as about what you expect our work to deliver. We want to develop an understanding for your art and collecting interests and also for your personal objectives you associate with your art collection. Discretion at all times, and protection of your privacy, is a matter of course. At every stage during our cooperation, we shall remain personally approachable and responsible to you.

we create transparency.

In the art market, information is the most important resource. Access to expert knowledge determines how reliably and successfully the diverse challenges of building and further developing art collections as well as preserving both their substance and value are mastered. With our advice from an independent position, be it project- or event-related or as long-term support, we will ensure transparency. We want to enable you to avoid costly mistakes when buying and selling art and to make the right decisions for the development of your art collection. Of course, the same standard of transparency will also be applied to our fee agreements with you.

we are competent, team-oriented and well networked.

The advice we give is based on our many years of professional experience in the art market and on our art expertise. We are familiar with the international art business in all its facets. This knowledge creates the foundation for advisory results which are of concrete, measurable benefit to you. At the same time, we recognise that expertise and competence must go hand in hand with team-oriented work. We have established a resilient, far-reaching network of experts. When the situation demands, we can revert to this network, for example, when questions of provenance and attribution need to be clarified, or when the advice of professional restorers is needed. We involve the respective specialists, coordinate and control the work results and act as your single point of contact.

we think long-term.

We seek a cooperation with you that is based on reliance and a long-term approach. We attach great importance to continuity in our advisory services and would like to be companions on your way. Our perspective designed for a long-term cooperation also means that we will be measured by steady work results.