explorer, initiator, translator, negotiator, networker, matchmaker.

explorer, initiator, translator, negotiator, networker, matchmaker.

Art Vocatum is an internationally positioned art advisory company. Art Vocatum was founded by us in response to the growing need for professional, forward-thinking and independent services in connection with the ownership of art and art collecting.

We are passionate and curious about art and believe that art has the power to create identity, express human values and challenge us to change perspectives and gain new experiences.

Our art market knowledge and art expertise extend to western art ranging from the Renaissance to the present with special focus on modern and contemporary art. We have built up a knowledgeable and qualified team and can rely on an extensive network of international experts.

Art Vocatum offers art advisory services with a 360° perspective. In addition to classic art advisory issues such as the representation of interests in the acquisition and sale of art, we are developing innovative services including for example the conception of individual digital collection databases and the outsourcing of the collection management for large art collections.

Our due diligence, market analysis and research enable you to make informed, intelligent decisions when buying and selling art. At the same time, we are emphatic advisors and accompany art collectors with a long-term perspective, because art is more than just an asset.

Madeleine Schulz and Paul Bunten are the founders and managing partners of Art Vocatum.

They are both graduates of Art History and can look back on more than two decades of experience in the international art market. From the outset, their professional careers have focused on connecting art expertise with knowledge of the art market and familiarity with its inner workings. Both Paul Bunten and Madeleine Schulz have worked for one of the leading international auction houses.

Paul moved into the art insurance industry and had been working for an international art insurance company for more than 10 years. During this time he held the posts of head of the art expertise department as well as head of the German private customer business.

After starting her career in the art auction business, Madeleine had been working in the international art trade for many years. She was responsible, in a senior position, for advising private and institutional art collectors in Germany and abroad. Her role included sales, consignments, client development, exhibitions, and participation in art fairs.

Paul Bunten and Madeleine Schulz have extensive knowledge and experience in all aspects of managing art collections. They possess all the skills and knowledge that are essential for academically cataloguing and evaluating works of art as well as for verifying authenticity, attribution and provenance.

Their affinity to the art world is reflected not only in their professional activities but also in their dedicated work in various foundations.